Sunday, May 31, 2009

Draw a Car

I was waiting for my car to have its oil change and decided to bite the bullet and draw a car. I looked on the EDM list and actually couldn't find draw a car. Anyway, I am sad that my dealer might not be here in three months. I love having my car serviced at my dealer. The idea that they might disappear is very hard for me. I have had Saturns for almost 18 years now. Their customer service has been the best. I am very unhappy with this scan. I don't know why I keep getting these dark spots when I scan my moleskine sketchbook. It seems to be only happening on the large one. I tried several times but still kept getting the dark spots.
Thanks to those who responded from EDM as to what to do. This is a better scan but I am still having the same trouble. I leaned on it but still got one bad spot but not nearly as bad as before.
After four tries I just have to back off!! Thanks!


Janice said...

I've had these shadows also, and discovered what caused them

The page/paper/book to be scanned must be absolutely flat. Usually the worst shadows came from an opened book. You can see some examples on some older posts

Does this help?

Peachtreeart said...

Sorry about your dealer, but the sketch is great...regarding the scan, those dark area are caused by lack of light from the scanner hitting those spots. So like Janice mentioned your sketchbook has to lie flat. But if you are like me, I can never get that to happen so I usually press down on the lid of the scanner until the entire page has been scanned. Pressing down on the top lid helps to flatten the page and expose more of the page to the scanner's light. Hope it works for you!

winna said...

I imagine this was fun for you to sketch---so personal with the car...put a weight (like a book or stack of paper) on your paper when you scan so it lies really flat)----

Leigh said...

Thanks everyone. Appreciate the help...

Leah said...

i had a saturn before i bought my honda. i always liked the service there too, but my dealership disappeared years ago. i've been super happy with them though. :-)

great car drawing, btw!!