Friday, May 1, 2009

These Boots

I did this drawing first and didn't want to ruin it so I printed it out and played with the color below. The color one is done with colored pencils by hand, not on the computer. I printed out several copies and might do another one with different colors.
Click on photo for better view.

These are drawn from a photo that I took of some boots that were in the room where our colored pencil society meets. They were just so fun I had to draw them.


KnittingJourneyman said...

I love the depth the colours add.
You really are an inspiration for me. Thank you.

I do have something at my blog for you, if you are so inclined. :-)

freebird said...

Those are some really neat boots. By saving the original you can have fun "coloring" anytime!

winna said...

I see my comment got lost---so again I will say I love the things you do and think they have great color sense and a witty appeal which is a big plus.
See you in class :-)

Robin Olsen said...

These may be my favorite drawings of yours yet. Both the black-and-white and color versions are very striking.

C Woods said...

I do the same thing --I take drawings or paintings I've done, scan them and play with the colors & filters in Photoshop. Very nice drawing.

CJ said...

Great drawing. I like it both as a line drawing and also colored. I used to do a lot of colored pencil, but my hand gets very tired if I work at it too long now, so I often try new colors via the computer as you do.

Leigh said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. I do want to point out that the colored version is done with colored pencils and not on the computer. I copied my original because I liked the drawing and didn't want to ruin it in case the colors didn't turn out like I wanted. Thanks! Leigh

Alex said...

very interesting colors you got there for your boots ^^ The outlines were very well done, and great effort on coloring!

Ann said...

I love the boots! Both the line drawing and the cp version. Wish I had some dotted boots like those :)

lil kim said...

love the boots! great colours.
Can't believe you are doing a drawing a day for A YEAR. Wow, that's a commitment. I'll be lucky if I can do one month!
(p.s. i used to live in Portland, work in Tigard!)

Anonymous said...

rose.welty says:
I love your bright colors and simple design.

fuzzydragons says:
very nice colours :)

lvetopaint says:
Great drawing!