Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Exercise for watercolor pencil workshop

I am not happy with this but this is my drawing for yesterday.

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Leigh said...

These are comments transfered from my flicker account which I will be closing.

Sarah__M says:
I don't think there's a "right" way to do this! I like the looseness of the one on the rougher paper, and I like the touch of green. Nice!

Cathy (Kate) Johnson says:
Leigh, here's the thing I posted the other day showing three of the possible ways you can use WC pencils--there are more!

And actually I like the one on rough paper, too!

Stephen Hall Art says:
I like the rough one but I guess it depends on whether you want detail or not. The good thing about watercolour pencils, you can draw, wash over and work with a wet brush, when it's dry get in there with the pencil again! Great for building up layers. Love the colours in those fruit!

anntnem says:
I think these are terrific! I agree, the looser look of the one on the rough paper is really nice. That center with the stem on the top one is spot on! I have been using these the same way, putting down the colors I want and washing with water. Sometimes I do as Stephen suggested, and go into it again after it has dried and add a bit more, building up layers. But my problem is adding too much!

bettyfromtexas says:
Excellent! I vote for the lovely looseness of the one on rough paper!!

BimshireGal says:
I like the bottom one. Something about the roughness gives it great texture.

Elizabeth Smith says:
They're both great and each is unique!

I am using the wc pencils as anntnem describes, and also trying to paint from color I derive from the pencil (either right from the tip or from a paper "palette"). As anntnem said, though, adding too many layers can be a problem!

So far, everything I've done has been a REAL learning experience! I think we'll all gain more confidence as we learn the characterisitics of the materials.
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