Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Very Lovely Day

I spent all day Saturday at a workshop given by Sharon Geraci at her beautiful new studio. It was a lovely day spent making art and reconnecting with our muses. Sharon is an amazing collage artist, watercolor artist and teacher. Be sure to check out her site. She also teaches at Multnomah Arts Center starting again in the fall. See below for work done on Saturday. Also this work posted on my blog was done in classes taken with Sharon.
Sharon Geraci in her new studio with a work in progress

This is Sharon with her beautiful collaged piece that was accepted into the Lake Oswego Arts Festival in the juried show in June, 2009

I call this piece "Fear of Pears". It's hard to see but the big pear on the right is holographic paper that when viewed is dimensional and looks like a black hole. Click on for a better view.

Second piece that I did. Click on for a better view.

Drawn on the deck during lunch break.


Ann said...

What fun! Collage is yet another thing I would like to spend some time doing.These are wonderful!

Paula McNamee said...

Hope you do well in the Lake Oswego show.

Quilt Knit said...

That looks like lot's of fun. Really, good work.