Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Button King

This drawing is of a stuffed toy (which is probably not the right word) called Alpaca Rat, the button king which is a signed piece by Charleen Kinser. I also own a closet beast and a closet beastie as shown in the photo above. Since I am having trouble with ideas of things to draw, the contents of their pouches are next on my list.
From Charleen's web site:
Closet Beastie TooToo young yet to stay put in his closet, Beastie pokes about nabbing the kids' trinkets as he goes. And like other curious young creatures, he explores his toes - and nose.
Closet Beast IIFlustered at your presence, he watches your every move into his darkness. Although impressed with the goings and comings of shoes, the intensely private Closet Beast II contents himself with a "great" tie, a few found treasures, and the stubs of theater tickets.
Alpaca Rat, The Button King"Al", The Button King, is a wiley collector and an even wilier barterer. He's got his eye on Closet Beastie's spectacular belly button. Beastie, beware of rats bearing gifts.


Eleanor said...

I love him, you have captured his quirkiness - I feel I know him,if that's not too odd a thing to say. ;)

Bonny said...

The drawing is fabulous! This is a character I have never seen before. He's cute!

Kim Zoph said...

Sweet drawing, and nice job with the values. This guy stands out!

Sarah Ketelaars said...

What a cute little chap! Your drawing made me smile - charming.

Anonymous said...

I am a big Kinser fan- I also own a Closet Beastie :) (As well as many of Kinser's other pieces). I am in search of a Closet Beast or Closet Beast II, if you know of anyone with one for sale I would appreciate the info:

(Sorry if it's weird to post that kind of thing on your drawing blog, but Kinser information can be hard to come by)