Sunday, March 22, 2009

An animal surprise

Drawn from a photo by Dale Meyerson

Pup on size six slipper

Photos taken by Dale Meyerson
My friend, Dale, in Arizona, lost her beloved dog Daisy a few weeks ago. She still has a pekinese named Jerry who is missing Daisy very much. So Dale decided to start looking for another dog. A rescue operation gave her the little guy above, who had just been rescued by the side of a road. Well, Jerry would not go near this little guy so he had to go back to the rescue people. Well , when he was taken to the vet, it turns out this little guy was a coyote baby, not a dog! So Jerry had it right all along. I hope the little guy was able to be placed back in the wild.


Cecelia said...

Amazing story. Poor baby!

Shelly McC said...

Hes so cute! Great sketch! Poor little guy!

angeltreats said...

Lovely sketch. The coyote baby is adorable!

john.p said...

Neat! We live in the country and the coyote is my favorite animal for his adaptability and stealth nature. That's one cute pup and a great sketch. I saw a litter once playing around their den in a pasture close to home. They really are that brown when young.