Saturday, November 1, 2008

Monthly Inchie drawing

So I spent the morning catching up on my inchies and enjoying the past month of drawings. Be sure to click on for a better view of the drawings.

Please note I will not post on Sunday. I will go back to posting the day after. Sunday's drawing on Monday, etc. Thanks


freebird said...

That's a different way to do inchies. I do mine with an online group and one at a time. Not all are drawn, some are stamped or beaded or collaged.

I might have to divide up a page sometime and try it this way.

Leah said...

great drawings! i like the kitty and the ghost.

carin.c said...

I agree - interesting way to do inchies, although I've never done any myself. I love the way it presents all together though! Very fun!