Monday, November 17, 2008

Computer in shop

I am unable to post a drawing today as my computer is in the shop. Actually this all started when I bought a new printer yesterday so I can scan my art into the computer and hopefully have better detail on the art. So I go to install it and get a fatal error. Anyway the computer and new printer are at Best Buy with the Geek Squad in hopes that the printer can be installed. So I figured while the computer was there I'd have them check it out. Hopefully I will have them home tomorrow and will be able to scan drawings tomorrow. Yesterdays drawing that I will post tomorrow along with today's drawing is a remote and will update on not having a TV for almost two months now. See you tomorrow...

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Monette Satterfield said...

Scanning is so much easier for me than photography - that's why you don't see photos on my blog :)

Your drawings are improving so much. Try going back to the beginning of the blog and compare the old with the new.

Even if you don't like drawing food, your cupcakes and tea bags are very nice. How's that coffee thing going anyway?