Friday, November 7, 2008

EDM Challenge #69 Draw a beverage

I have been trying to give up coffee so now I am addicted to tea. Even though I didn't draw it my favorite right now is stash orange spice. I love drawing tea bags.


Lynn said...

Great job on the tea bag, and on the torn edge of the envelope. You're really getting the hang of colored pencils!

Trish said...

Glad to see you are drinking tea, the only beverage I love. You picked a good brand with Stash, but you need to make the leap to brewing tea from loose leaves. In my opinion, there is a world of difference in taste from tea bags to loose tea. It is really not as messy as you might think, I think Stash sells loose tea, even ways to brew with loose tea. BTW, your drawings are very good. keep up the good work.