Saturday, July 11, 2009

An Art Day with Tory

I went to Salem to visit Tory and took a little time to draw. I loved this chair but it was very hard to draw! Then I learned needle felting and my first attempt is below. I want to add some sequin stars and some beaded embellishments. I am thrilled to have learned this even though I don't need a new addiction. I love this process and want to use it in some ideas I have for fiber art that I want to start doing soon. Thanks Tory for teaching me!!

I was trying something new...working with some sharpies I had in my art room.
A garden container on Tory's patio.

My first attempt at needle felting. I'll be adding stars and some embellishments..


Karen May Studios said...

Nice drawings. I am an art teacher and have a little advice if you'd like it. I was looking at your chair and something struck me that I tell my students all the time. Turn off your left brain and draw what you SEE...exactly what you see and NOT what you KNOW. You know the seat of the chair is square and flat and big enough to hold a hiney, but from that angle, it would have been an odd almost diamond polygon. Dont let your left brain take over, even if it doesnt 'make sense', but that's what you see...draw it that way. Great work. Keep it up.

tory said...

We did have a fun day I'm so happy you fell in love with wool.

Quilt Knit said...

I love the needle felting. Do you think you can do it with gloves on? I am allergic. Very allergic to wool. Guess if you say no. I stick with Cotton.


Paula McNamee said...

What fun to spend a day with Tory. Your needle felting looks very whimsical and inviting.

Sharon said...

Love your needle felting! I love the colors and the sheep. :) I've never tried this, but it looks fun.