Monday, February 23, 2009

Lucky Sunday

I went to a lecture at the Wilsonville Library this Sunday. This was part of the Northwest Author series developed by Christina Katz. There are still more lectures this year so be sure to check them out if you live in the Portland, Oregon area. Sunday's lecture was given by a young adult author Christine Fletcher. It was a great lecture on what one needs to write a good story. Then I won a door prize for a years subscription to Writer's Digest. How cool is that! And I even drew more in my out and about moleskine. Too bad people won't sit still for you..... Next time I decided I need to sit somewhere so I can draw something besides the backs of people's heads.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, i hear you. It's kind of annoying when a drawing starts to look good and then your subject walks off!

I like the second one especially.

seesue said...

Great practice. It amazes me how difficult it is to pull out the pen and book in public.