Monday, September 15, 2008

Other People's Dogs #2 Lola

Lola lives with her family in Tualatin, Oregon. I met Lola at an art workshop that was really awful but meeting Lola saved the afternoon. I like Lola because she knows what is what. She is the princess and ruler of her household. She has a cat named Emmy who is at her beck and call. Lola has Emmy trained to give her daily baths. See the video here. She also has a big dog, a vizsla, named Red. When she is not bossing the household, you'll probably find her in her mom's lap watching her creating her wonderful watercolors.

This drawing is based on a photograph taken by her mom Ruth at the Hughs Water Gardens in Wilsonville, Oregon. Check out the original photo on Ruth's blog. The entry date of the photo is July 27th, 2008. There is another photo of her under September 11th entry also.

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Lori ~ LL-K said...

The video is too cute! Your drawings look great!