Saturday, August 30, 2008

Challenge #52 Draw a dog and journal about your dog relationships

(Click for larger view)
I didn't journal about dogs directly onto the page of this challenge as my first dog story is too sad. I remember when I was about three or four when my dad brought home a dog. I have two memories of this occasion. I actually remember seeing the dog in the back of the car and, sadly, I remember the day I found him/her (don't remember which sex) dead on the basement floor. Since my attempt to draw from memory was less than successful and that this is a sad story I decided not to try to draw it. The next dog we had was when I was in high school and my mother brought home an Afghan hound which she named Barkus. The problem was that she worked and my sister and I were in school and Barkus proceeded to destroy everything in the room he was kept in, including eating out the back of the sofa. We found him a better home. I am not sure I am a dog person. I always wanted a cat but my mother believed that cats would sleep on your face while you were sleeping and kill you. I didn't get my first cat until I was about thirty. I haven't been without one since and I still very much in love with cats and still alive.

I like dogs, other people's dogs. Somewhat like other people's children. I am planning a series of "other people's dogs". I thought about getting a dog. I really wanted a King Charles Cavalier for awhile. I realize though that fantasy and reality are too different things and will continue to be dogless for now. Besides, Chloe says: NO DOGS! So what the cat says, goes. So this is the first in my series of "Other People's Dogs". I hope you enjoy the series.

This is how beautiful Venus is. I am not sure my drawings did her justice. Venus was my first pick for other people's dogs as she is truly one of my favorite dogs. I love seeing her. She is very, very special.

Unity of Beaverton really is at the corner of 5th and Angel. Just in case you thought I was making it up.


Sarah M said...

I love the sketches, the story about Venus, and the whole blog entry. I especially like the drawing of Venus looking for squirrels! You captured the posture and alertness really well. I look forward to the next dog in the series. :-)

Quilt Knit said...

That is beautiful! Venus is so lucky to have you close.
I have Ms Patches, I saved Her as a kitten. I have had dogs, pigeons, rabbits, catfish, tropical aquarium, pigs, cows, crawfish and tadpoles.

Dogs are need Dog people. They need a structured society- A pack. Cats, are Cats.

Venus is lucky you are there in background.

Sherrie Roberts

freebird said...

I am more a dog person than a cat person but that is only by a percent or two as I just love animals (maybe more than people). I think you got a wonderful expression of Venus's. She is looking right at you in your picture. Super. And the one of her looking out is also terrific. I can't wait to see what other dogs you do.