Monday, June 29, 2009

Out and about on Sunday with my moleskine

First stop on Sunday was at church where it was pet blessing day. This is Bogart. More on this tomorrow.
Then it was back to Portland Center Stage to see Storm Large in Crazy Enough for the second time. I would tell you again to go see it, don't miss it!, but I think it may be sold out again. But try to see it. It is an amazing play.

Above is a man in the lobby of PCS where I was waiting to see Crazy Enough . Below are more drawings of people in the lobby. The feet below were part of the audience. This whole row was women in sandals with painted red toenails. I wish I had had the guts to pull out my camera and get a picture.

Below is the part of the stage. I would love to have been able to sketch the musicians and Storm but haven't figured out a way to sketch during a play.


Ash Strickland said...

You certainly seem to love to scetch on the go!That is a gift,enjoy it.

tory said...

Leigh, I really like the simple drawings free from the complications of color and fill in. Very nice.