Sunday, December 28, 2008

EDM Challenge #107 How you get your news

Since giving up TV, now going on three months, I have turned to other sources for my news. I have to admit that sometimes, on my way home from work, I will listen to Koin TV, Portland's CBS affliate, on the radio. I haven't been able to get to work for two weeks so haven't heard TV news for over two weeks. Now I read the newspaper, Time and Newsweek. I am finding that I am listening to a lot of news and talk radio. During the storm I had to rely on the internet and KEX 1190 am for news and weather updates. I like that I am not watching the news constantly on TV, especially avoiding drug ads. I am just waiting for these companies to start radio advertising then I will have to stop listening to the radio. Anyway I am addicted to the radio show Coast to Coast AM. In the drawing above, the cloud above the radio is supposed to signify all the bad news that we are constantly bombarded with. I am not sure that it turned out as I envisioned it. Even though I love coast to coast some of the dire predictions being made about our country and the economy continue to worry me, but I keep listening. Anyway, here's hoping for a better 2009 than is being predicted.


Carolyn said...

I have also given up TV fpr the most part. I have been a lot more productive since!

Erika Lee Sears said...

WOW! I dont know how you gave up TV. That is really admirable and I have been trying to ween myself of off tv for a long time.

winna said...

I think a big , large, huge, well, most of the news we hear nowadays is the reporter's opinion and colored to fit just that----your drawings are just wonderful and the whole bit on the dog is a good thing to read !