Saturday, October 4, 2008

New Inchie from last 30 drawings

I meant to post this last week. This is my inchie from the last thirty drawings. Actually I did the button one twice. I decided to do this just in pen. I am in awe of those whose blogs I look at that can make really decent drawings just with a pen. I cannot seem to do this. So this is my daily practice of drawing directly with a pen.


Robin Olsen said...

these grids are such a great idea! I love the Halloween candy theme too--so much fun to see you working on that. If you need to unload gross candy at the end of the month, I have 2 boys who love that sort of stuff.

freebird said...

These are so neat. I love to make inchies and occasionally draw one to fit the theme but hadn't thought to just keep on drawing. I think I'll mark of a grid in my sketchbook and start some new inchies. Dare I go lead free?